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What makes NYBU unique

Ease and simplicity

Simplicity and ease of use are top priorities for us. We don't want to complicate things; instead, we want to offer a straightforward service that gives you the ability to seamlessly capitalize on market movements.


The core of NYBU is a smart contract running completely on the blockchain. Running a prediction market in a decentralized fashion has many advantages, some of which are:

  1. Anyone and everyone can particpate: No unnecessary verifications, no 2-3 business days to fund your account, no region or country restrictions. Anyone anywhere can participate in the market. You only need a wallet with some BNB in it, and that's it.

  2. We can't ban you: We all know the story of the trader who got restricted by the broker when he became a little too successful. We're here to tell you that we know of stories of other traders who were outright banned when the broker noticed their success - this is especially true in prediction markets. In NYBU, you are unbannable, and not because we are good people; we just can't ban you. Decentralized contracts do not need our input to run, which means that any transaction - weather taking a position or withdrawing your winnings - cannot be stopped or blocked by us.

  3. Complete transparency: Round results are written on-chain where everyone can see them. In other words, we completely remove any form of manipulation often seen in this space by showing one trader a result and showing another trader a completely different result. With NYBU, this does not happen. The result you see is the result that everyone on the planet sees.

No conflict of interest

This is a big point, so let us explain why.

  • On other prediction markets, when you make a prediction, you are actually going against the broker/service provider because they are taking the opposite position from you. What that means is that the broker is running a betting game where they bet that you will not be able to predict the market correctly most of the time. And if you can, they will rig the game to align with their interests since they own the market already.

    A glaring example of this is binary options brokers. If you examine their business model, you will see that they have every incentive to make you lose your money since it goes directly to their pockets. And since they own the market you participate in, they can rig it to their advantage.

  • On the other hand, if you look at NYBU's contract - which is immutable and cannot be changed - you can see that the way we make money is through service fees.

    So for instance, let's say you made a number of correct predictions and now you have 1 BNB available to be claimed. When you initiate a claim transaction, a service fee (~1%) is deducted from the total amount and the rest is sent to your wallet. So in total, you get 0.99 BNB added to your wallet. We get 0.01 BNB as a fee.

    The beauty about this is that both of our interests are aligned. The more money you claim/win the more fees we collect. You make money = We make money.

    Our model is built around connecting traders with each other, not us taking the trades directly against them. This completely removes any conflict of interest.

Use of trusted price feeds

When we chose the price feeds for our offered assets, we stayed far away from any untrusted or obscure price feeds. We also chose not to do any kind of aggregation or customization on the feed after we receive it from its source. We only use well known industry trusted price feeds withoud any modification done on them. The reason we chose this approach is:

  1. Preventing any price manipulation: A key point for us was to eliminate any form of price manipulation on our platform. Using custom, aggregated or untrusted price feeds leaves huge opportunity for just that and will directly affect the result of settling any round. This is bad for us and bad for you.

  2. Ability to backtest on historical data: If you have a new idea or strategy, a crucial step before implementing it in real markets is to backtest that strategy on a large amount of historical data. Using aggregated or custom feeds, you lose access to the historical data, and it becomes almost impossible to know for sure whether your new strategy works long-term and in different market conditions or not. Most of the feeds we use offer the ability to access historical data so you can backtest to your liking.

  3. Easier to automate: One of the biggest pitfalls when automating your trading is syncing price feeds with the target market. But since we use third-party price feeds, you only need to sync with the third-party feed taking advantage of their superior APIs while having complete certainty that NYBU will uphold the results it gets from that feed.


An example of a third-party feed we use is Binance API, where all our crypto offerings get their price data directly from Binance.


Even though we try to adhere as much as possible to the results we get from trusted feeds, sometimes there can be a small skew in price. Generally, you don't need to worry about this as the skew is so small that it wouldn't affect the result of the round at all. In 99.9% of cases, the skew won't happen at all. However, it is still a good point to have in mind.