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How to use NYBU

In this guide we show step by step how to use NYBU to make predictions.

1. Connect wallet

Make sure your wallet is connected and funded. Checkout our getting started guide on how to do just that.

2. Select chain

Connect chain

Chain are seperated into two types:

  • Mainnets

    Mainnets are where real-world transaction occur. All transaction on mainnets have real monetry value and most of the time this is the chain you want to use.

  • Testnets

    Testnets mimcs the behavior of mainnets in every aspect except that transaction on this chain don't hold any monetry value. That is why testnets are used for - you guessed it - testing and demo purposes. Choose testnets if you want to test out new strategies or ideas without having any risk involved. There is also a faucet for each testnet to get "free" coin/gas to use.

We recommend using mainnets unless you want to test an idea or strategy, then use testnets.

3. Choose symbol

Asset select

Select which asset you would like to make a prediction on. Currently NYBU only supports crypto assets with other asset classes (stocks - currency pairs) should be available soon.

4. Choose interval

Interval select

Select the duration of your prediction. Intervals are pre-defined so each asset has only a set of intervals to choose from.

5. Make prediction

Interval select

Predicitions are made with initiating a transaction, this is how you lock in your position either as a Bull or as a Bear.

  1. Enter the amount you want to lock.
  2. Select the direction of your position. Click on the Green button if you belive that the next candle will close bullish or click on the Red button if you think the next candle will be bearish.
  3. Review then accept the transaction details.
  4. Wait for a transaction confirmation to pop up on your screen to know that your position is locked.
  5. You are done, all you have to do now is wait for the next candle to close to know if your prediction is correct or not.

6. Claim your winnings

Interval select

If your prediction is correct. You are now eligiable to Claim / Withdraw your winnings.

  1. Press on the Claim button. The amount beside the button is how much you are eligible to claim.
  2. Review then accept the transaction details.
  3. After a couple of seconds you should see the amount reflected in your wallet.